Cooltek Skall Review 2

Cooltek Skall Review

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The chassis ships in a plain brown cardboard box with identical print on its larger sides, while the smaller sides detail its specifications. With the chassis available with differently colored LED fans, there is a sticker on the box to let you know which ones are within.

Thick Styrofoam spacers hold the chassis in place, while a clear plastic bag has been placed over the Skall at the factory to protect if from scratches and fingerprints.


You will get a full set of all-black screws, a GPU clamp, two Velcro strips, rubber spacers for the hard drives, and an extension lead for the 8-pin power connector.

You will find the usual manual and an envelope with a letter containing the instructions on the Cooltek Skall Give-Away. The same instructions can be found here. From a marketing perspective, a real flier with a QR code would have been sexier, or a memorable URL with the message "Enter to Win", but this will do.
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