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Corepad Skatez Mouse Feet Review

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Corepad is a German company that produces high-quality PTFE mouse replacement feet. Back in the day, they manufactured some great mouse pads as well (that are still available at a few resellers), but lately, they have focused on mouse skates only. In this review, I will test two different models, one set for the Logitech G PRO Wireless and another for the Dream Machines DM1 series.


So why am I talking about mouse feet? Why replace them anyways? Aren't stock ones good enough? The thing is, it all depends on the manufacturer and actual model. A few manufacturers are very aware of the mouse-feet situation; they provide extra sets of them, use higher quality materials with nicely rounded edges, and so on. Now, these manufacturers are in the minority compared to those who don't really care about mouse feet at all. Most use cheaper skates and don't give you replacement models once they wear out, so you might suddenly find yourself with a scratchy, uneven glide with a lot of friction, which feels absolutely hideous. I have heard of and seen people selling or even throwing out their mice simply because of this. The solution to the problem is ridiculously simple: just get a set of aftermarket replacement feet. Corepad ones are among the best, and I will soon show you why.
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