Corsair Carbide 200R Review 12

Corsair Carbide 200R Review

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Corsair packs the Carbide 200R into a plain cardboard package with an outlined image of the case on the front and a blow-up diagram of the same on the back. You will find all the information and specifications of the chassis on the sides of the box.

Two think Styrofoam spacers hold the chassis in place, so you can rest assured that this 6 kg case will make it to your doorstep in flawless condition. A plastic bag has also been put over the chassis to protect it from scratches and fingerprints from the manufacturing plant.


You will get four little bags with black screws, a few zip ties, and a manual and red pamphlet on how to go about getting your warranty if need be. The chassis comes with a two-year warranty that is directly serviced by Corsair.
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