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Corsair Carbide 500R Review

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Just like the Carbide 400R and Graphite series of cases, the Carbide 500R ships in a plain brown cardboard box with black print on it. The front shows the chassis, along with its name, while the rear goes into additional details with a blow-up diagram. Both side panels of the package are identical and list the specifications of the chassis along with two more angles. There are no holes to carry the package around with, so you better make sure you are prepared to grab it by the bottom when carrying it home from the post office.

Sturdy Styrofoam spacers hold the chassis in place and protect it from any damage during the shipping process. A plastic bag has been placed on the case to keep fingerprints, scratches and dust away from it at the factory.


You will get an assortment of all-black screws and a USB 3.0 20-pin to USB 2.0 9-pin adapter cable. Corsair has also included a good number of zip ties, which is something not present in the Carbide 400R variant. A manual and red pamphlet with warranty information can also be found within the box.
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