Corsair Carbide 678C Review 5

Corsair Carbide 678C Review

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Corsair ships the Carbide 678C in their usual brown cardboard box with an image of the chassis on one side and a blow-up diagram of the case on the other. Both smaller panels list the specifications, and a sticker lets you know which color version of the enclosure is inside. Carrying holes make lugging the box home easier.

Three thick Styrofoam spacers protect the chassis and the glass panel specifically. My review sample was apparently dropped during transport as one of the spacers was smashed up out of the box, but thankfully, it did its job as the Carbide 678C remained unharmed.


You will receive a sorted set of black screws and an ample supply of zip ties with the chassis. Corsair also includes a solid top cover to replace the metal mesh cover that ships with the case itself. A compact manual is part of the package as well.
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