Corsair Graphite 780T Review 20

Corsair Graphite 780T Review

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Corsair ships the Graphite 780T in the brown and black cardboard package we have come to expect of them. The front holds a drawing of the chassis, along with some text, while the rear goes into some greater detail with a blow-up diagram. Both sides are identical as they hold the chassis' specifications, but you will also find a sticker on one side to let you know which color is inside the box.

Thick Styrofoam spacers hold the chassis in place, while a cloth bag keeps scratches and fingerprints away. All this should pretty much guarantee you get your Graphite 780T in mint condition.


You will receive a neatly sorted set of all-black screws and zip ties. While quite the standard, considering the cable management possibilities and the Graphite 780T's price, it would have been nice to see more zip ties.
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