Corsair H150i Elite Capellix Review - Stellar Performance, High Price 31

Corsair H150i Elite Capellix Review - Stellar Performance, High Price

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Corsair's packaging is certainly bright and attention-grabbing with all that yellow. On the front is a full image of the H150i Elite Capellix with the pump and fans illuminated in everyone's favorite rainbow scheme. Honestly, does anyone out there use the rainbow settings? Corsair also notes right on the front that the unit uses their iCUE software, which is nice as there are people out there who avoid excess software. Anyway, on the left side is the same image of the cooler on a bright yellow background. A quick turn to the back gives us the proper details on the unit, including the specifications, features, and some mechanical drawings showing the radiator's overall dimensions.

The right side is essentially the same as the left. Meanwhile, the top lists the various supported sockets and processor families it is compatible with. There is also a list with images of the various bits of hardware included in the box, such as the mounting hardware and RGB/fan hub, among the other usual items you will need. Finally, the last panel has "Super Chilled" in big letters on a yellow background and not much else.


Opening it up reveals the same old cardboard tray we know and love protecting the precious hardware within. I know I mention it in just about every review, but it remains true; foam is better, but the packaging used here, which is essentially the same as for most all-in-one liquid coolers, is just fine and does the job. I am just a snob and like my premium foam packaging.

The cooler supports the sockets you would expect, including Intel's mainstream and HEDT systems and AMD's AM4, sTR4, and sTRX4, which is a bit of a surprise because of the latter two. In general, everything you need is included, and looking at the mounting hardware, it's all pretty standard and straightforward stuff.

Common parts supplied for mounting include:
  • 24x Washers
  • 24x Fan screws
  • 12x Radiator screws
  • 4x Intel 115x standoffs
  • 4x Intel LGA20XX standoffs
  • 4x Thumbscrews
  • 4x AMD sTR4 standoffs
  • 2x AMD screw clips
  • 1x Set of AMD mounting brackets
  • 1x Set of Intel mounting brackets
  • 1x Set of AMD sTR4 mounting brackets
  • 1x Intel backplate
  • 3x 120 mm ARGB fans
  • 1x Alternative pump cap
  • 1x Allen wrench
  • 1x Commander Core RGB/fan controller
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