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Corsair Professional Series HX1050 Review

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We would like to thank Corsair for supplying the review sample.

The Professional HX series used to be Corsair's flagship of PSU products, until the AX series was launched. The main differences between HX and AX series are the different OEMs, the first are built by CWT while the second by Flextronics (AX1200) and Seasonic (AX850, AX750), the efficiency rating (HX:Silver, AX:Gold) and the used cabling design, the HX models utilize a semi-modular cable design while all three AX PSUs are fully modular.

Only recently, at Computex 2011, Corsair introduced the new HX1050. We suspect that the main reason behind the release of this model was that Corsair had a gap in this wattage range. To be more exact, the AX series does not include a 1000W PSU, the HX1000W counted many years in production and the competition was getting very rough. So a new PSU at this wattage range was urgently needed to enrich Corsair's arsenal.

The HX1050 shares the same OEM with the older HX1000W although the used platform is completely different. The capacity of the successor is increased by 50W and efficiency remained at the same level, 80 Plus Silver. The single +12V rail is able to deliver up to 87.5A at 50 °C, there are six PCIe connectors and two EPS ones, the warranty is the same with all Corsair's high-end PSUs, seven years. If the price ends up being competitive then HX1050 is going to be very popular among enthusiasts that cannot afford the high price of AX1200.

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