CORSAIR K100 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review - Aftermarket Keycap Sets are a Go! 13

CORSAIR K100 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review - Aftermarket Keycap Sets are a Go!

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When we posted our review of CORSAIR's iCUE Nexus companion screen, there was mention of how the included keyboard brackets were for their K70 and K95 keyboards. I ended up with a few messages about what the third keyboard bracket was for, and of course I was not able to say more at the time. I can now, however, with another keyboard release from CORSAIR. Enter the all-new K100, and thanks again to the company for sending a sample to TechPowerUp!

With no more words such as "STRAFE" used, CORSAIR keyboards have recently been simplified somewhat in their naming scheme, as all now go by the Kxx version. Typically, the higher the number the more featured it is. The K95, for example, is their flagship keyboard range and towers over the enthusiast-grade K70. Well, the K100 somehow aims to out-flagship the flagship. CORSAIR is addressing arguably the biggest complaint from keyboard enthusiasts with the K100 by adopting the more "standard" bottom-row keycap spacing. I use quotes for a reason—if the largest players selling mechanical keyboards today adopt another spacing, is that not the new standard? Regardless, this means a lot of third-party keycap sets are now in play. That dial in the top-left corner is another feature that no doubt is attention-grabbing, and we will talk about everything in detail in this review beginning with a look at the specifications below.


CORSAIR K100 RGB Mechanical Keyboard
Layout:>104-key form factor in a modified US ANSI layout
Material:ABS plastic case, PBT/ABS plastic keycaps, aluminium frame
Macro Support:Yes
Weight:1.35 kg/2.98 lbs.
Wrist Rest:Yes, included
Anti-ghosting:Full N-Key rollover USB
Media Keys:Dedicated
Dimensions:166 (L) x 470 (W) x 38 (H) mm
Cable Length:6 ft/1.8 m
Switch Type:Choice of CORSAIR-branded OPX optical-mechanical RGB switch or Cherry MX Speed (Silver) RGB mechanical switch
Backlighting:Yes, 16.8 M per-key RGB lighting
Warranty:Two years
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