CORSAIR K60 RGB PRO Keyboard + Arctic White PBT Keycaps Review 3

CORSAIR K60 RGB PRO Keyboard + Arctic White PBT Keycaps Review

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The CORSAIR Vengeance K60 and K90 were the company's first-ever keyboards from a decade ago, part of the then-new CORSAIR Vengeance lineup of gaming peripherals that has since bloomed into a vast product portfolio. I was still in Taiwan late last year when I was first contacted about the new K60 RGB PRO series, which piqued my interest out of nostalgia and because these were going to be my first experience with the Cherry VIOLA switches announced at CES last year. I did get a sample for review too, but things went haywire with what I then incorrectly thought was an issue with the keyboard and ultimately ended up being an issue with my laptop. That particular sample went back to CORSAIR, who confirmed nothing was wrong with it, and the company sent a second unit in for review we will take a look at today.

The CORSAIR K60 RGB PRO lineup comes in the standard version, which is what I have here, as well as a low-profile version, non-RGB version, and even K60 RGB PRO SE model, and I maintain that CORSAIR is running out of ways to name keyboards. I had the latter version sent first up, and it differs by providing doubleshot-injected PBT keycaps by default in addition to including a wrist rest. The less-expensive, more readily available K60 RGB PRO has to make do with laser-etched ABS keycaps, but this review otherwise covers the series as a whole. I will also add my thoughts about the K60 RGB PRO SE and compare it to this one, but given the various form factors involved, I am going to skip on the specifications table this time around. As the title suggests, we will instead go through another of CORSAIR's replacement PBT doubleshot keycap sets in this review, as we did with the Mint Green set from before.
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