Corsair LAPDOG Gaming Control Center Review 16

Corsair LAPDOG Gaming Control Center Review

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The packaging for the LAPDOG is actually very sober when compared to what we normally see from Corsair as there are usually multiple images of the product, splashes of yellow, and lots of information. This time around, though, we just have a simple black box with very little else. It does do its job and made sure the product reached me in spotless condition. One thing that did surprise me was the size of the box - it is rather large and only barely fit on the table where I take my photos!

There are some small yet important bits of information on the box; here, we can see that the LAPDOG is compatible with the K70 and K65 range of keyboards. This does mean that any other keyboard won't work, so you have to buy one of Corsair's options. This isn't a surprising move by Corsair as they want you to use their products at every possible point. The upside to this is that they can ensure the LAPDOG looks exactly how they want it to once assembled.

We can also see some specifications on the side of the box. These again make sure you know that you can only use their keyboards, give the size of the mouse mat, and mention the USB 3.0 hub and removable memory foam lap cushion.

I expected there to be a lot of wasted space in the box due to the sheer size of the packaging. I was wrong as the box is filled to the brim; I was surprised by how long the LAPDOG is, and it did concern me a bit since you really don't want to have something too cumbersome around you when sitting on the couch, comfort being a key factor.
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