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Corsair LAPDOG Gaming Control Center Review

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Corsair is a brand we all know. Releasing a plethora of products ranging from RAM kits to keyboards and PSUs to cases, there isn't much Corsair doesn't have in its portfolio, and they are a market leader in many areas. It isn't often I get a product that doesn't fit into any of our usual categories, and it certainly is even a little more unusual when it comes from such a well-established brand. I had to put this review of the Corsair LAPDOG in our "other" category for one simple reason: We haven't had anything like it yet! Sure, we have seen similar products from other companies, but nothing quite to how Corsair has done it. They are marketing the LAPDOG as a "Gaming Control Center," which is an interesting title; it leaves no room for illusions that suggest that the LAPDOG is only a hub for your HTPC's media controls, or for an office computer you can work from the comforts of your sofa. Such a title means business - it wants you to be able to play games without compromise, which would make this a fantastic product if true.


Corsair LAPDOG
MATERIAL:Brushed aluminium and plastic
WEIGHT:2.63kg /5.79 lbs.
DIMENSIONS:736(L) x 260(W) x 94(H) mm
Mouse Pad:11x11 Inch, Hard surface
USB Ports:4, Powered. Supports USB fast charge
Padding Material:Memory Foam
Cable Length:16ft (5m)
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