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Corsair LL120 RGB Fan Review

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You know what's fun about 2017? The same as 2016 - everything had RGB lighting added to it. When we thought it was done, more LEDs were added on top of existing ones. There are products today that can do a better job at lighting a Christmas tree, for example, than traditional ornaments. 2017 brought more lighting, but also more refined lighting. Gone are the days of the cheap $10 multi-color LED strip with a generic Bluetooth controller. Instead, we get addressable SMD RGB LEDs (and more abbreviations too!) which mostly support all the various motherboard LED and lighting controls. Then there's Corsair who has a plethora of RGB products that use not just their own lighting controllers and software drivers, but two separate sets of them too. Corsair Utility Engine handles their gaming peripherals, and Corsair Link handles the components that go inside the case itself. Today, we take a look at their new Light Loop (LL) series of fans aiming to take integrated lighting to where no one has gone before. Thanks to Corsair for providing the review sample.

As the name suggests, the Corsair LL RGB fans have a loop of lighting integrated into their frame. In fact, there is also a second loop around the central hub that houses more LEDs for what is essentially a double-loop setup. Corsair sent a 120 mm fan pack, and these packs (which also come in 140 mm fan size) are the best value for money and a complete set for most people. The image above shows everything you get here, which includes three 120 mm fans and, more importantly, everything you need to power and control the lighting as well. You can also get the fans as single packs if you need more fans, and we will go over what the pack can support. Let us begin with a look at the specs below.


Corsair LL120 RGB Fan
Dimensions:120 x 120 x 25 mm
Rated speed:600-1500 +/- 10% RPM
Max airflow:43.25 CFM
Max static pressure:1.61 mm H2O
Noise:24.8 dBA
Fan control:4-pin/PWM control
Current draw:0.30 A peak
Warranty:2 years
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