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Corsair ML120 PRO RGB Fan Review

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Packaging and Accessories

Corsair operates a web shop in the USA; however, the items used in this review came from a shipping hub separately, so we begin by taking a look at the product packaging directly. The product packaging here has adopted the black and yellow scheme from their "Corsair Gaming" lineup and is, as such, also used for their DIY components now, and it just takes it further with a more pronounced and colorful design. Taking off the plastic wrap, we see printed illustrations of the fans on the front that do an excellent job of showing how these ML PRO RGB fans can look when powered on. This triple pack w/controller SKU has a fairly large box to accommodate the contents inside, and we see a note on the number of fans inside, along with the salient marketing and technical features on the front. This continues on the back and sides, where we see more specs and the marketing features in multiple languages. There are seals at the top and bottom to help keep the contents inside in check. There is also a hang tab at the top, which is a nice addition to the packaging.

Opening the box, we see that the items included are packaged separately with the three fans at the bottom (or top, depending on how you opened it) and the accessories in their own yellow box underneath. Alongside the fans, Corsair includes a multi-language quick-start guide, a warranty manual for Australians with their specific warranty policy, two sets of self-tapping metal screws to help install the fans as case fans, a 6-fan ML120 PRO RGB LED hub, and the Lighting Node PRO with an LED extension cable that goes from the hub to the Lighting Node Pro along with a male mini-USB to internal USB 2.0 header cable.

As with the other Corsair RGB fans, the LED hub is specific to these fans, so do not plan on using it with non-ML PRO RGB fans. The LED hub has six inputs marked, so you have to use connected devices in order from 1-6 without skipping any, an outlet to where the Lighting Node PRO is connected, and a full size SATA power connector to power the LEDs.

The Lighting Node Pro is a pretty small controller since it measures in at a mere 5.5x3x1.2 cm and has two LED channels. Each channel supports up to four of their addressable RGB LED strips or up to six ML PRO/LL/HD/SP RGB fans via the respective fan LED hub (and extension cable). Thus, you can control as many as twelve different ML120 PRO RGB fans off a single Lighting Node Pro, for instance. There is a female mini-USB 2.0 connector on the back that uses the provided adapter cable, and thus, you also need an available internal USB 2.0 header on your motherboard as well as another spare SATA power connector for the Lighting Node Pro.
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