Corsair ML120 PRO RGB Fan Review 4

Corsair ML120 PRO RGB Fan Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Corsair ML120 PRO RGB triple pack costs $119.99 from the Corsair web shop for customers in the USA as of the date of this review. Individual fans cost $34.99, and prices are the same from third-party resellers, including and
  • Excellent balance of performance and noise
  • Rarely used magnetic levitation bearings result in zero bearing noise
  • Four addressable RGB LEDs provide customizable lighting
  • Good build quality
  • Triple pack includes Lighting Node PRO controller with software lighting control
  • Five year warranty
  • Expensive relative to case fans in general
  • The software driver user experience is lacking
  • Addressable nature of the RGB LEDs goes unused, at least at the time of release
The Corsair ML120 PRO RGB fans are expensive, and there's no getting around this. At $35 per fan and $120 for a triple pack with the lighting controller, they cost the same as Corsair's own recently released LL120 RGB fans that prioritize lighting over anything else. For additional context, a single ML120 PRO RGB fan costs $10 more than the older ML120 PRO and $7 more than the ML120 PRO LED (which comes with color-matching corner pads as well). Charging 40% over what is still a fantastic fan to offer lighting sounds harsh, but after having tested it and seeing that there is not only no performance deficit, but in fact a small amount of consistent improvement as well, it seem much better in perspective.

The five year warranty also tells us that Corsair is very confident in the fan design, and the RGB lighting allows users to use these fans across multiple builds as well without having to worry about color coordination. We get the same frosted rotor that makes their other RGB fans look really good, and these have the replaceable corners for some additional optional flair as well. Add to this a thick PBT frame and the good build quality adds to the user experience. Software control over lighting is a plus also, although this is where things could have gone better.

I gave a pass to the Corsair HD and LL RGB fans for not having individual LED control since using Corsair Link is a chore with grouped LEDs as it is and having individual control would probably be more trouble, but with just four here, there is no reason not to try. As it is, the lighting options here are no different than those for their SP RGB fans that are a little over half the price of these. I keep hearing about the implementation of individual LED control happening sooner rather than later, but until it is here, I will keep bringing this up.

Perhaps it is a good thing that Corsair continued to work on the rotor design in the year since the launch of the ML120 PRO fan as the overall package of the ML120 PRO RGB as it is today does enough to warrant a strong recommendation still. Seeing as how the other ML fans are not EOL yet, this is a welcome addition for those who have been asking for an RGB version.
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