Corsair Dominator Series 4 GB DDR2 Kit 1066 MHz CL5 Review 20

Corsair Dominator Series 4 GB DDR2 Kit 1066 MHz CL5 Review

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I would like to thank Corsair for supplying the review sample.

Corsair is a well known brand of performance memory in the enthusiast market. They offer modules with very unique PCB and a broad range of high performance USB flash drives as well as well built power supplies.

From the manufacturer:
  • 4096 Megabytes of DDR2 memory
  • Two matched CM2X2048-8500C5D modules
  • Includes Airflow Fan for maximum thermal transfer
  • Enhanced Performance Profiles allow automatic overclocking to aggressive performance settings
  • 100% tested at 1066MHz in high performance DDR2 motherboards
  • Lifetime warranty


Corsair ships the pair of modules in a clear plastic mold. The entire modules are visible and the package can be hung up on a store shelf. The bottom also holds the Airflow module, to actively cool your installed memory. The rear of the package shows some additional information about the unique PCB design and the functionality of the heatspreaders.


The backdrop of the package also acts as an installation manual. Memory installation is quite simple, so do not expect to get a whole booklet. There are seperate images for every step, making installation a breeze for first time builders. A note also mentions that this kit is intended for 64-bit systems and that use under 32-bit is not advised nor covered under warranty. This is just to make sure that those using the memory in a 32-bit system are aware that they won't see all 4 GB, which may lead them to believe the kit is defective. The Airflow unit ships disassembled, but looks very sturdy. The casing houses three 40 mm fans, which hover above the memory banks, once installed.
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May 21st, 2022 12:55 EDT change timezone

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