Cougar Armor Gaming Chair Review 15

Cougar Armor Gaming Chair Review

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One morning, our courier service gave us a call to inform us of a big package that had arrived. We then asked whether the package came with an illustration of a chair only to get a resounding "yes" as a reply! The courier guy brought us the package all by himself and asked for help the minute he stopped outside of our office! The package was huge and had signs of abuse. Huge and weighing in at around 23 kg, it also took at least two people to move around safely.


The contents are thankfully protected well, and everything is covered in a plastic membrane. The gas lift and butterfly tilt/height adjustment mechanism are both self-contained and inside a cardboard box.

The package includes the following:

• Chair's backrest
• Chair's base
• Butterfly tilt/height adjustment mechanism
• Armrests (2x)
• Grade class 4 gas lift
• Wheels (5x)
• Telescopic gas lift cylinder dust cover shroud
• Seat's back-mount covers (2x)
• M8 Allen key
• Mounting screws (14x)
• Screw covers (For the screws of the seat's back-mount covers) (2x)
• User's manual

Unboxing Video

We shot a small video to show you the contents inside the box:

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