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Cougar Armor Gaming Chair Review

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We would like to thank Cougar for supplying the review sample.

Cougar was created ten years ago in Germany. The company originally focused on creating PC cases, PSUs, and fans and moved into gaming peripherals afterward. Cougar is now well known in both Europe and the States, which are two of the largest markets, and with all that noise around gaming accessories and, more specifically, gaming chairs lately, almost all companies that produce a gaming peripheral are now also including at least a gaming chair in their lineup in an attempt claim a piece of that market segment for themselves.

Cougar, in an attempt to shift the interests of the gaming world in their favor, decided to enter the gaming chair market with the help of pro gamers, which eventually led to the creation of their Armor gaming chair. The sports automobile bucket seat design Cougar adopted bears a likeness to some other gaming chairs that have already been released to market. The sitting base seems to be of two parts; the main sitting area and the side fins (flaps). The sitting area also seems to be soft enough, and the backrest is wide and does again have those characteristic flaps on both sides.

The backrest and sitting areas have a steel frame capable of supporting a weight of up to 120 kg. The iron shell cylinder surrounding the piston lift further amplifies this chair's durability, and the upholstery that covers the areas that touch the body is made out of breathable PVC leather that appears to be of good quality.

In the ergonomics section is a lever under the sitting area for height adjustments, and another lever on the right side of the sitting area allows for adjustments to the backrest's reclining angle. The Cougar Armor only comes in one color combination, black and orange, which is Cougar's color scheme for almost all of its products.

The armrests are 3D and have three buttons. This product is unfortunately only covered by a one-year warranty, which is the bare minimum. We have thus far reviewed a number of chairs and now have a pretty good idea of what to examine for thoroughly. We shall also try to convey this chair's pros and cons in the best possible way, but again need to mention that everyone has unique needs and expectations when it comes to a gaming or office chair. A potential buyer would have an eye for a chair's ergonomics, looks, and comfort, and a buyer's budget obviously also plays a role. All of the above are equally important when it comes to such a purchasing decision, but do keep in mind that you get what you pay for in some cases. One thing is for sure: given its fair price, the Cougar Armor is a mid-range gaming chair that targets users on a tight budget.

Cougar Armor Cougar Gaming Chair
Features & Specs
Main Color:Black
Side Strip Color:Orange
Stitching Color:Black
Logo Segment Color:


Seat Thickness:9 cm (3.54 ")
Seat Width:

56 cm (22.5 ")

Seat Depth:

50 cm (19.69 ")

Floor to Base:

36-44 cm (14.17 "-17.32 ")

Width (overall):59 cm (23.23 ")
Length of Backrest:84 cm (33.07 ")
Backrest Adjustability:90° - 180°
Armrest to Armrest:49-52 cm (19.29 "-20.47 ")
Armrest Height to Floor:63-70 cm (24.80 "-27.56 ")
Gas Lift:Class 4
Adjustable Tilting Resistance:Yes
Maximum Weight (user):
120 kg (264.5 lbs)
Net Weight (chair):

21 kg (46.30 lbs)

Base Material:Plastic
Casters-Wheel Material:Plastic
Model Number:CGR-NXNB-GC1
Warranty:1 year
Price at Time of Review (excl. VAT):$249.90
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