Cougar Armor Gaming Chair Review 15

Cougar Armor Gaming Chair Review


Value and Conclusion

  • The Cougar Armor Gaming Chair retails for $250.
  • Price
  • Class 4 gas lift
  • Visual details are consistently applied throughout
  • Exceptional stitching
  • Vivid orange color
  • Adjustable dimensions
  • Steady wheels
  • Solid steel frame
  • Pillows for lumbar and neck support
  • 180 degree recline
  • 3D armrests
  • Screw cups for the seat's mount covers
  • Low weight
  • 1-year warranty looks low
  • 120 kg limit
  • Does not have built-in lumbar support
  • Only available in one color combination
  • Backrest won't go all the way to the front
  • People who aren't that tall may find that the control lever is awkwardly placed
  • PVC leather is not breathable, which may make you sweat more readily
  • No rocking mechanism
When you are fortunate enough to have reviewed more than four different gaming chairs in a period of four months, you eventually become quite austere. You expect something about that next gaming chair to awestruck you. Anyhow, since a substantial number of gaming chairs share a lot of similarities, we at least expect superior materials and a sturdy frame, but also that they are comfortable to sit in even after having already sat in them for a while during a gaming session (or writing and working sessions), and they should be available at a decent price.

Challenging as it may seem, many companies are entering this category since a gaming chair is probably a peripheral that pays off. However, when consumers are out searching for their ideal chair, they should look for comfort over prolonged hours of use and ergonomics before pegging in a budget. The Armor is Cougar's first attempt at entering the gaming chair category. The automobile seat bucket design, smooth PVC leather, and exceptional stitching are the first things someone will take note of when the chair's pieces are taken out of the box. To begin with, the company's new chair is similar to that of other gaming chairs that already exist in the market. That distinct black and orange color combination reminds us of Cougar's other products, though. While we do fancy this color combination, we strongly believe Cougar should provide other combinations as well and not just restrict it to one.

The sitting and backrest areas have the dimensions typical of those areas in gaming chairs, but the sitting area isn't as deep as most. Both the sitting area and the backrest are soft, but thinner than in other gaming chairs fabricated out of Polyurethane foam (cold foam), which could make the Armor the better choice for narrow spaces.

Cougar's chair weighs 21 kg (46.30 lbs) and can hold a user of up to 120 kg (264.5 lbs). Since the Armor has a fully reinforced steel frame, it should be able to support even larger users, but we don't have anyone who weighs more than 120 kg around to put that theory to the test.

This product is unfortunately covered by a very short warranty period of a year in the US, but laws in the EU set the warranty to a minimum of two years, and the Armor is, as such, covered by a longer warranty there. Companies with premium gaming chairs double or even triple the value of the Armor naturally trust their products more and equip them with longer warranties of, in some cases, even ten years! To be frank, we feel much more at ease with products that have a warranty that is longer than a year, but not everyone can opt to spend $400 or more on a gaming chair. In any case, we do expect a gaming chair that costs over $200 to last much longer than its one-year warranty, which does, however, heavily depend on how it is used and how heavy of a person uses it.
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