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Value and Conclusion

  • The COUGAR ATTACK X3 is currently available for around $80 on Amazon.
  • Cheap
  • Cherry MX switches
  • UIX System works very well
  • Bright RGB LEDs
  • Can be used without a driver
  • Easy-to-use macros and programmable keys
  • Sleeved cable
  • Media keys
  • Feels very light, making the keyboard feel cheap
  • Non-standard keycaps
The COUGAR ATTACK X3 is a lot of keyboard for $80. Its on-the-fly options available due to the FN key are great; the key also makes this keyboard usable without the UIX software. Cougar's UIX software offers the same options as the FN key, with a GUI. If you are looking to expand on the keyboard's usability by using macros or changing profiles, you will need to install it. The software is easy to use and mostly self explanatory since macros are easily recorded and keys are easily programmed. The on-board memory saves any changes you make. Should you ever take your keyboard elsewhere, you will still have the settings you are used to.

I didn't have any problems with ghosting while using it, and every keystroke registered as it should. The lighting effects aren't as complete as on some competitors, but the LEDs are bright and the keys are easy to read, so they do what is asked of them without being too gimmicky, which is something COUGAR aimed for. The LEDs reflecting off the brushed aluminum plate accentuate the overall look and do make the keyboard look like a high-quality item. Aesthetically, the COUGAR ATTACK X3 is in fact very nice, looking far more expensive than it actually is. The braided cable feels as though it is of good quality, and although soft, never snagged during the time I used it. As I already mentioned, I was a little annoyed by the location of the FN key and Windows key since the FN key is where the left-handed Windows key would normally be. This wouldn't matter to me if this were my main keyboard, though, as I would get used to it quickly.

The COUGAR ATTACK X3 has been somewhat difficult for me to review since such an excellent feature set and its great aesthetics are usually reserved for expensive high-end keyboards, although it does feel a bit cheap when picked up due to its lack of weight. However, it IS cheap, and it really is that simple. This is a fully sized Cherry MX board for just over $80. A very attractive price we don't see often, the lack of weight can almost be forgiven, especially as it isn't something you will notice when it is on your desk, and those who don't have new keyboards arriving every week might not notice it at all.
Although I have mentioned some problems, at this price point, you are not going to get many keyboards that can compete with the COUGAR ATTACK X3. I try not to look at a review sample's price until after I have come to grips with it and made my own prediction, but my guess was $120 due to the number of features, Cherry MX switches, and easy-to-use software. For $80, it truly is of excellent value.
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