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Creative Sound BlasterAxx 200 Axx Review

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Well known for their audio solutions, Creative has now come up with another. Called the Sound BlasterAxx 200 Axx, it is a portable speaker much akin to the UE BOOM we reviewed a while back, although the 200 Axx is slightly different. Where the BOOM aims at ease-of-use, it is clear that Creative has gone for the slightly nerdier crowd, which is a good thing. The 200 Axx is jam-packed with features and has a neat little display on top, which also allows you to touch-control several functions, and it obviously comes with an Android and iOS app that can control all of the features on board.

The Package

Creative ships the 200 Axx in a box packed with stuff.

You also get the charger, a cable, and a carrying bag for the 200 Axx.

Besides the 200 Axx, Creative also has a small dock solution, which is pretty neat. It is currently priced at $59.99, which is a bit steep.

The bundle for the dock also includes an even heftier carrying bag.
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