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Crucial BX100 250 GB Review

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Crucial, a subsidiary of Micron, a world leader in memory and flash production, brought us such wonderful SSDs as the M500 and MX100. We recently reviewed their new Crucial MX200, which impressed with increased performance. Today, we will review the Crucial BX100, which comes at an even lower price point than the MX100. Unlike other Crucial SSDs, the BX100 sees the introduction of the Silicon Motion SM2246EN controller into Crucial's lineup, paired with the company's own MLC NAND flash chips and a custom firmware.

The BX100 is available in capacities of 120 GB, 250 GB, 500 GB, and 1 TB.

Specifications: Crucial BX100 250 GB
Controller:Silicon Motion SM2246EN
Flash Type:Micron, 16 nm MLC
Form FactorSATA 2.5"
Thickness:7 mm (Ultrabook compatible)
Capacity250 GB (232.9 GB usable)
6 GB additional overprovisioning
Interface:SATA 6 Gbps
TRIM supported:Yes
NCQ supported:Yes
Warranty:3 Years
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