Crucial MX100 256 GB Review 20

Crucial MX100 256 GB Review

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Test Setup

Test System SSD 2014
CPU:Intel Pentium G3240 @ 3.1 GHz
(Haswell, 3 MB Cache)
Motherboard:ASRock Z97M OC Formula
Intel Z97
Memory:2x 2048 MB Kingston HyperX PC3-12800U DDR3
@ 1333 MHz 9-9-9-24
Graphics:Intel Integrated
Software:Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1
Drivers:SATA: Microsoft AHCI
Display: Intel 15.21.13
  • After the initial configuration and installation, we created a disk image that will be used to test every drive.
  • Automated updates were disabled for all programs. This ensures that—for every review—each drive uses the same settings without any interference from previous testing.
  • Our disk image consumes around 80 GB—we resized the partition to fill all available space on the drive.
  • Partitions are properly aligned.
  • In order to minimize random variation, each of the real-life performance tests is run twelve times with reboots in-between tests to minimize the impact of disk cache. We used the average of the last ten runs as the final score.
  • All application benchmarks run the actual application and do not replay any disk traces.
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