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CRYORIG H5 Universal Review

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Packaging & Contents

Measuring in at roughly 20 cm in length, 20 cm in width, and 14 cm in height, the box CRYORIG puts the H5 Universal in is of average size. On its front, CRYORIG's logo is plainly visible, along with a close-up of the H5 Universal itself. The left side features the H5 logo with a drawing of the cooler as the backdrop. The back details the heatsink's and fan's specifications and comes with a list of all supported sockets.

The right side details a few of the features, including CRYORIG's Hive Fin design and Jet Fin Accelleration system, among others. CRYORIG's saying "Research Idea Gear" can be found on top. Pull open the top cover and two flaps will remind you to register your product for " extended 3 yrs warranty", which nets the cooler a six year warranty and gives you access to CRYORIG's premium customer support and exclusive VIP membership price draws. A box usually doesn't "wow", and the box for the H5 is much the same. It is not awe-inspiring, but is more interesting than some of the boring brown ones that have crossed my work bench.


Everything is extremely well packaged when it comes to CRYORIG H5. The contents are kept in sealed plastic pouches that are neatly arrayed inside a cardboard trays to each side of the cooler. Meanwhile, the cooler is inside a cardboard box between these accessories, and while a bit more space for further protection would have been nice, it's not entirely necessary; overall, the box offers some solid protection to the cooler and its other contents.

While the heatsink is of a decent size, it will still offer a ton of memory clearance. However, CRYORIG also includes fan clips for a traditional 25 mm x 140 mm fan should maximizing this cooler's performance be your top priority. All-in-all, everything one would need is included here. What is surprising, however, is the general lack of complexity. A quick look at its mounting hardware tells me that this cooler should be an easy install. In fact, I am impressed with the mounting hardware's quality and design. It is top notch and on par with the likes of Noctua. Like their rival, CRYORIG has even gone so far as to include a screwdriver. Granted, it may seem like a simple accessory, but is always a welcome addition to the bundle.

Common parts supplied for mounting include:
  • 4x Thumbscrews caps
  • 4x LGA2011 screw pillars
  • 4x Screw pillars
  • 4x Acoustic vibration absorbers
  • 2x User's manual
  • 2x XT140 fan clips
  • 2x XF140 fan clips
  • 2x Intel mounting brackets
  • 1x AMD mounting plate
  • 1x AMD backplate
  • 1x Intel backplate
  • 1x 140 x 140 x 13 mm fan
  • 1x Heatsink
  • 1x Tube of thermal compound
  • 1x Registration card
  • 1x Phillips screwdriver
  • 1x LGA775 backplate foam
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