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Dark Project is a fresh international branch of Red Square, Russia's most well-known peripherals manufacturer. They have been producing cheap mice, keyboards, headsets, mouse pads, and gaming chairs for some time, but were only targeting the Russian market. With the Red Square 1337 v2 mouse, they have gained some heavy international attention very quickly. They had issues with selling this product internationally, so they created a new brand called Dark Project, which focuses on international sales. Dark Project has three debut mice, the ME1, ME2, and M3, and I will review all of them, starting with the ME3. It is an ergonomical medium-sized, right-handed mouse with a quite familiar shape.


Dark Project ME1
Sensor:PixArt PMW3360
Main Switches:Huano 20M
Wheel Encoder:F-Switch black (13 mm height)
Size:123.7 mm x 68 (73) mm x 44 mm
Number of Buttons:7
Weight:93 g without cable
Polling Rate:125–1000 Hz
Cable:1.8 m long, braided
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