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DarkFlash DLH 21 Review

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The DarkFlash DLH 21 ships in a brown cardboard box with the same graphic on both larger sides, though one is inverted. A mention of which color you will receive and a table of specifications are present as well.

The chassis is held in place by two foam spacers which protect it from bumps during shipping. A cloth bag is used to keep away fingerprints and scratches—this is a great touch and really adds to the unboxing experience. Owners could then use the bag for other purposes.


DarkFlash includes both zip ties and some short Velcro straps with the DLH 21. Two 120 mm fan grills are also included, which is a nice addition to protect your fingers or cables from such cooling units when added to your build. Lastly, the screws are black, and DarkFlash also includes little silicone covers for the I/O panel of the DLH 21. A functional manual helps you with assembly as well.
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