DarkSide Gentle Typhoon 1450 RPM Black Edition Fan Review 20

DarkSide Gentle Typhoon 1450 RPM Black Edition Fan Review

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DarkSide Computer Modding is the house brand of NewAngleTechnologies Inc, which was founded in 2001. If neither of those sound familiar to you, perhaps "DazMode" does? DazMode is the premier online e-tailer for custom watercooling in Canada, and that is arguably what NewAngleTechnologies Inc is most well known for. With the DarkSide house brand, they (and here I really mean a person, Anatoly "Daz" Babkin) were able to bring to fruition ideas and mods alike. Case in point, when the Nidec-Serve and Scythe relation ended and the venerable Gentle Typhoon fan series was no longer made, a few companies decided to do something about it. CoolerGuys placed a big OEM order for the fans as-is and sells them on their website, and DazMode decided to work with Nidec-Servo to create a more appealing series instead. Enter then the DarkSide Gentle Typhoon Black Edition fans, and thanks again to them for sending review samples for us to examine.

As with just about any OEM fan today, the original Gentle Typhoon fans employ a gray rotor and black frame with unsleeved cables. They perform great and strike a good balance between static pressure, airflow, and noise, so despite their looks, they ended up being a popular fan when Scythe was selling them. With the opportunity DarkSide had, they were able to get a completely black "Black Edition" fan to happen, and they also added PWM- and voltage-control options to SKUs that were previously not available. Today, we take a look at the DarkSide Gentle Typhoon 1450 RPM fan that, as the name suggests, maxes out at 1450 RPM and should interest a lot of readers who prioritize fan performance and noise alike. Let's begin the review with a look at the specifications below.


DarkSide Gentle Typhoon 1450 RPM Black Edition Fan
Dimensions:120 x 120 x 25 mm
Rated speed:1450 RPM
Max airflow:45.9 CFM
Max static pressure:1.30 mm H2O
Noise:19 dBA
Fan control:3-pin/voltage control
Current draw:0.049 A typical, 0.25 A peak
Warranty:1 year
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