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Darksiders III Review

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Darksiders III is a hack 'n' slash adventure RPG by Gunfire Games, published by THQ Nordic. It's the third in an ever-changing series of games that follows the four horsemen of the apocalypse during an end-of-the-world event that has been incorrectly triggered by the first horseman War. The series initially began as a semi-linear punch 'em up, but over the last three installments, the recipe has been changed. The first game was quite linear with puzzles, the second game focused heavily on a massively open world slate with a ton of puzzles, and the third sits somewhere between the two, but with an extremely heavy focus on combat and a lot of focus taken away from itemization.

The best way to describe combat now is to move your expectations towards Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance. Gunfire Games has very much thrown out a lot of the systems introduced and altered in the first two games to then added what they thought were more efficient and streamlined implementations of the same thing. What they've produced is a brilliant game, but a brilliant game that has had its difficulty dialed up from three to about eight. It's still Darksiders, but only just. Those who loved the first two may love or hate what it has become, but I feel like it was a gamble Gunfire needed to take. I saw a few reviewers complaining about the graphics not improving, but frankly, that's irrelevant—I didn't have time to focus on the polygon count because my knuckles were white, strained from the constant and incredibly tense combat.

I also made a video review, see below:

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