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Death Stranding Benchmark Test & Performance Analysis

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Death Stranding was first released in November 2019, exclusively for the PlayStation 4. The title is created by game development legend Hideo Kojima, who brought us the epic Metal Gear Series. Death Stranding is the first game published by Kojima Productions—Hideo's own game studio he formed after the split with Konami in 2015. Death Stranding is an open-world action game that's probably closest to an RPG even though it lacks most of the typical character development elements. The game also includes concepts from survival games and base building games.

A unique and completely new component is that your single-player gaming experience can be influenced by other players. If they create helpful objects in their world, these objects can show up in your game, and will help you traverse the zones. You are able to thank them with "likes" and may also create objects on your own to gain likes in return. This functionality can be turned off though.

In terms of graphics, Death Stranding looks good, especially the environments are almost photo-realistic. It's built on the new Decima Engine, which is used by several other console titles; for example, Horizon Zero Dawn, which is coming to the PC soon. On the PC, the engine uses DirectX 12 exclusively, featuring realistic physics for objects and lighting. Death Stranding includes support for both NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FidelityFX. RTX raytracing is not included.

In this performance test review we put the game through our huge selection of graphics cards at three resolutions and also include a mini-review at the end, so you know whether the game is worth paying full price for or you had better wait for a discount.
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