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Deathloop Benchmark Test & Performance Review

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Deathloop is an interesting twist to the action-adventure genre. You are a stealth assassin stuck in an endless time-loop (similar to "Groundhog Day" or "Edge of Tomorrow") where you are supposed to kill eight high-value targets spread across an island in a single day to escape the loop, or the world resets itself. If you die during the mission, the world resets itself as well. Each of the eight targets has a unique approach, part of the map, mixture of enemies, and the need for different tactics. There are also some "Mirror's Edge" style Parkour sequences. If the time-loop element puts you off, don't fret: It doesn't work in real-time, there are instances where the progression of time slows down. It advances as you move between the various regions of the island hiding your targets.

Developed by Arkane Studios, this Bethesda title is powered by the Void engine, which is a fork of idTech from several years ago since "Dishonored 2," which Arkane developed over time. In its latest version, the Void engine supports DirectX 12, including real-time ray tracing. Arkane developed Deathloop to be exclusive to PC and PlayStation 5 at launch, with an Xbox Series X/S version closely trailing. In this review, we take the game for a spin across a selection of contemporary graphics hardware to show you what it needs to explore this strange new world in time.
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