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DeepCool CG560 Review

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DeepCool ships the CG560 in a clean cardboard box. A large sticker across a corner of the package holds an image of the case, model name, and specifications. This is a pretty smart approach as DeepCool could use the same box for all its mainstream cases by just slapping the appropriate sticker on it.

Two Styrofoam spacers keep the case in place alongside a plastic bag, which protects it from fingerprints and scratches at the factory. Our sample arrived with additional foam padding on all four exposed sides, but your retail version should not. Needless to say, even without that added measure, you should always get your case in pristine condition.


A small but functional manual has been placed inside the package, alongside black screws, several zip ties, and an adapter cable for the ARGB elements to be controlled by your motherboard instead of the built-in PCB.
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