Devil May Cry 5 Benchmark Performance Analysis 49

Devil May Cry 5 Benchmark Performance Analysis

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Graphics Settings

The game has a surprisingly good amount of PC-specific settings that let you dial in exactly the right balance between fidelity and performance.
  • While all resolutions are available, the game really only supports 16:9, and gray bars will be added for other aspect ratios, like you see on my 2560x1600 screenshots on the previous page.
  • You may switch between exclusive fullscreen, windowed, and borderless, which makes it quicker to alt-tab out of the game and return to it. Borderless also helps people who are seeing issues with the game selecting some crazy monitor mode by default, resulting in a black screen on startup. The solution to that is to press alt+enter when your monitor turns off to make the game switch to windowed mode. Now, go to options and select borderless and the desired rendering resolution.
  • V-Sync and the FPS limit can both be turned off; there is no hidden FPS cap.
  • Resolution scaling lets you decrease or increase the internal rendering resolution of the game, which affects performance accordingly. The HUD and similar elements will always be rendered on top of that, at native resolution, so they'll stay crisp. Options range from 50% to 200%.
  • Rendering method lets you switch to an interlaced style, mimicking the look of old CRT monitors. This was a thing in earlier titles, but doesn't look good nowadays.
  • The anti-aliasing options are rather limited, you may select between "TAA/FXAA" and "TAA", an "off" option is not available.
  • Motion blur can be turned off completely, which is what most PC players prefer, I think

The game does have a field-of-view setting called "Camera Distance". I just wanted to mention it here, in case you keep searching and searching, looking for something called "Field of View".
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