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Dobot Magician Robotic Arm Review

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We would like to thank Dobot for supplying the review sample.

All kids (and not only) would love to have a robot or something that can perform magic, or both! A robot would help them with the completion of multiple tasks and would protect them, while magic, on the other hand, well, is magic, and magic can create wonders! What if one could, always metaphorically speaking, claim to have combined both of the above? The truth is that technology has even nowadays moved forward so far as to potentially make the things a robotic arm can do look amazing.

Let's not fool ourselves - everyone would like to get their hands on a robot. Robots are apparently the next big tech step or challenge. Robots used to be highly popular back in the 90s; however, in the 90s, the general crowd's interests quickly moved on to computers and video consoles. Nowadays, artificial intelligence (A.I.) is, in any of its four existing forms, everywhere, and it is heavily used in robots. Robots also play great roles in Sci-Fi movies and educational channels, which does point out the complexity of programming and handling such equipment. The price tag of such a machine alone made it impossible for non-industrial parties to purchase thus far. Having said all the above, the only option until recently was to change objectives by looking for alternatives and forgetting about the acquisition of robots. Thankfully, recent advances in this sector have changed things significantly.

The Dobot Magician robotic arm is trying to convince us to adopt the capabilities an affordable and sophisticated desktop robotic arm can offer in the industrial zone to everyday life. Is it going to be magic on the desktop? That remains for both you and us to figure out!

A bit of an insight into the company's history before we proceed. Shenzhen Yuejiang Technology Co. Ltd ("Yuejiang") is a major robotic arm solutions provider in China. Yuejiang was established by five robotics engineers in July 2015 in Shenzhen.

We will evaluate the Advanced Educational Plan version of the Dobot Magician robotic arm, which includes many goodies.


Specifications Dobot Magician, Robotic Arm

Number of Axis



500 g

Max. Reach

320 mm

Position Repeatability (Control)

0.2 mm
CommunicationUSB, WI-FI, Bluetooth
Power Supply100 V - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power In12 V / 7 A
Consumption (Max)60 W
Working Temperature-10°C ~ 60°C
Weight4 kg
Base Dimension (Footprint)158 mm × 158 mm
MaterialsAluminum alloy 6061, ABS engineering plastic
ControllerDobot integrated controller
Robot MountingDesktop
Packing size (L × W × H)307 mm × 224 mm × 330 mm
SoftwareDobotStudio, Repetier Host, GrblController3.6, Dobot Blockly (visual programming editor)
SDK (Software Development Kit)Communication Protocol, Dobot Program Library
Extensible I/O InterfacesI/O × 10 (configurable as analog input or PWM output), Controllable 12V power output × 4, Communication interface (UART, reset, stop, 12 V, 5 V, two I/Os included)
Axis Movement
Joint 1 baseRange: -90° ~ +90°
Max Speed (250 g workload)320° / s
Joint 2 rear armRange: 0° ~ +85°
Max Speed (250g workload)320° / s
Joint 3 forearmRange: -10° ~ +95°
Max Speed (250 g workload)320° / s
Joint 4 rotation servoRange: +90° ~ -90°
Max Speed (250 g workload)480° / s
End Effectors for Advanced Educational Plan
3D printer kitPrint Size (L × W × H): 150 mm ×150 mm × 150 mm, Material: PLA, Resolution: 0.1 mm
LaserPower consumption: 500 mW, Type: 405 nm (blue laser), Power: 12V, TTL trigger (with PWM driver)
Pen Holder CompatibilityAny pen with a 10 mm diameter
Vacuum Suction CapCap diameter: 20 mm
Pressure: -35 Kpa
GripperRange: 27.5 mm, Drive type: pneumatic, Force: 8 N
ModulesBluetooth & Wi-Fi
General Data
Controlling method
  • PC, buttons, mouse
  • Mobile APP
  • Mind control-EEG
  • Voice
  • Vision
  • Leap motion and gestures
  • Joystick control kit
  • <
Warranty2 years for EU and 1 year for the rest of the world
Price$1199 Base version, $1499 Education Plan package
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