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Dream Machines DM1 FPS Review

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Dream Machines is a relatively small Polish company that is well known among gaming mouse enthusiasts. They use renowned shell shapes and put top materials into them. Their best-selling and most famous mouse at the moment is the DM1 Pro S, but the DM1 FPS is probably going to take its predecessor's place pretty soon. It features an upgraded sensor, even lower weight, and a new, extremely flexible cable. As you can tell from its name, it is mainly made for first-person shooters, which doesn't mean it can't stand its place elsewhere. It also comes in four different color variations, two of which have glossy and matte surface finishes.


Dream Machines DM1 FPS
Sensor:PixArt PMW3389
Main Switches:Huano 20M
Wheel Encoder:TTC black core
Size:126 mm x 68 mm x 39 mm
Ambidextrous:Yes, side buttons on the left side only
Number of Buttons:6
Weight:83 g
Polling Rate:125 - 1000 Hz
Cable:1.8 m long, braided, ultra flexible
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