DXRacer Racing Pro R131-NR Gaming Chair Review 5

DXRacer Racing Pro R131-NR Gaming Chair Review

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The chair came inside an enormous hard carton package. Other than a few scratches, the package seemed to be in good shape - at least by simply looking at it. The company name and logo are at the top, as well as the official website address. On the package are a few bits of general information, and a huge capital "A" has been put on front, along with the inscription "Sit better, work harder, game longer".


All contents are covered in plastic membrane and additional foam sheets.

The bundle includes the following:

• Chair's backrest
• Chair's base with its armrests (2x) pre-installed
• Chair's five-star base
• Tilt mechanism/height adjustments mechanism
• Grade class 4 gas lift
• Hydraulic system-/dust-cover shroud
• Caster wheels (5x)
• Side covers (2x)
• Neck pillow
• Lumbar-support pillow
• Plastic butterfly cup
• Base plastic covers (red stripes) (x5)
• Two illustrated single-page user manuals
• Allen key (1x)
• Bolt with washers (1x)
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