ECS LIVA Z3 PLUS (Intel i5-10210U) Review - 4 GB of RAM Just Isn't Enough 8

ECS LIVA Z3 PLUS (Intel i5-10210U) Review - 4 GB of RAM Just Isn't Enough

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Packaging and Contents

The LIVA Z3 Plus is packed in a small sleeved bright blue box. The top shows off the system and product name, along with a few logos. Moving on to the left side, you will find the LIVA branding and the Z3 moniker, but not much else.

Taking a look at the back and right sides, there is very little to see here. The LIVA branding is again prominent, but otherwise, there is little to see here.

The ECS LIVA Z3 Plus itself is sealed in a plastic bag with only some cardboard offering protection. The accessories, power cord, etc., are placed in separate cardboard partitions, but other than that, there is no foam or extra packaging to be found.

Spartan would be one way to describe the rather barebones assortment of parts and extras. Still, that is not a bad thing as the bundle does include everything necessary to power up the system and mount it to the back of a TV. Considering a system like this has no optical drive, a thumb drive with drivers would have been nice because the system does not ship with an OS.
  • LIVA Z3 Plus
  • Power brick
  • VESA mounting plate
  • VESA screws
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