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ECS P67H2-A2 (B3) Review

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With the launch of Intel's Generation 2 Core family well under way, and revised boards fully in the consumer market, ECS has provided us with a revised product of their own, catering towards the enthusiast. ECS itself has, in recent years, entered the enthusiast market with their "Black Series" of products, which are targeted towards the advanced user. The ECS P67H2-A2, our subject today, is from the “Black” line of products, which we highlighted in a preview a couple of months ago, but it's no normal "Black Series"; it's a "Black Deluxe".
The Black Series of products from ECS centers around a tale of two defeated dragons who turned themselves into black holes in order to torment humanity, and have now returned looking to meet the heroes destined to slay them. An epic tale for what may very well prove to be a legendary board. Will the ECS P67H2-A2 prove to be the “Deluxe” weapon needed to slay the Sandybridge dragons? Read on to find out.


CPU SUPPORT:Intel Socket 1155 2nd Gen Core Family/Unlock Processor
POWER DESIGN:CPU Power: 8 phase
VTT Power: 1 Phase
Memory Power: 1 Phase
CHIPSET:Intel P67 Express
MEMORY:4 x DIMM, Max. 32 GB, DDR3 1066 to DDR3 2200
BIOS:AMI BIOS with 32 Mb Flash ROM
SLOTS:2 x PCIe 2.0 x16 slots
1 x PCIe 2.0 x1 slot
2 x PCI slots
HDD CONNECTIVITY:2 x External SATA 6.0 Gb/s port at rear(Marvell)
4 x SATA 2.0 3.0Gb/s (Intel P67)
2 x SATA 3.0 6.0Gb/s (Intel P67)
2 x SATA 3.0 6.0Gb/s (Marvell)
NETWORKING:Dual Realtek 8111E PCIe Gigabit Lan
PORTS:14 x USB 2.0 ports (6 at back panel, 6 at front panel)
4 x USB 3.0 ports (2 at back panel, 2 at front panel)
1 x PS/2 mouse combo connector
2 x eSATA ports
2 x RJ45 LAN connectors
1 x Audio port with 5 audio jacks
1 x CMOS Clear Button
1 x Digital audio port with digital jack
FORM FACTOR:ATX Form Factor (305 mm x 244 mm)
  • Rapid 333
  • M.I.B.3
  • Qooltech 3
  • ADD Indicator
  • ME Unlock
  • Connector Cover
  • Easy button
  • EZ Charger
  • HyperHDD
  • eJIFFY
  • eOC
  • eBLU
  • eDLU
  • eGS
  • eSF
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