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EIZO FlexScan EV2795 Review

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Design and Ergonomics

As far as design and ergonomics go, the EIZO FlexScan EV2795 is almost identical to the FlexScan EV2785, which I've reviewed back in 2018. There's nothing wrong with that as there was absolutely no need to change the winning formula. The entire look of the monitor is mainly made up of its thin bezels and still feels fresh, and this monitor can move pretty much any way you might think of.

Its narrow bezels are the most attractive aspect of the EIZO FlexScan EV2795. They're 7 mm thin, which can be compared to the bezels of some of the best gaming monitors on the market. Thin bezels are less distracting in everyday usage, make the screen feel bigger, and work great in multi-monitor setups.

The base is almost the only point of differentiation between the EIZO FlexScan EV2795 and EV2785. It still consists of a metal core covered in plastic, but this time around, the base has a large cutout, so it looks somewhat cleaner. I prefer this design to the old one, primarily because I felt comfortable putting stuff like my phone stand, pens, and post-its into the cutout—something I didn't do with the perfectly round base of the FlexScan EV2785.

The base is perfectly stable and capable of swiveling the screen almost a full 360°. If you want to show something on your screen to someone sitting across from you, you'll be able to do so with a single movement of your hand.

The stand is well made and allows us to adjust the screen pretty much any way you'd like.

The panel can be adjusted in height. When pushed all the way down, the distance between the screen's bottom edge and the table's surface is around 1.9 centimeters—the screen touches the base. If you pull it all the way up, said distance goes up to 19 centimeters. Thanks to a hole on the rear of the panel, the height of the screen can be adjusted with one hand.

The angle the screen can be tilted in ranges from -5° to 35°, which is somewhat of a standard. Both hands are again needed to adjust the tilt, but the entire range of motion is smooth.

The stand allows for the screen to be pivoted by 90° in either direction. There's no tactile feedback of any kind to let you know you've leveled the monitor. You'll have to eyeball it, which will be a slight annoyance to anyone who plans to switch between portrait and landscape viewing modes regularly.

In terms of cable management, the EIZO FlexScan EV2795 uses a plastic cable cover located at the bottom of its stand. You can fit many cables through, and it has no trouble staying in place even if you accidentally tug on any of the cables.

The monitor can be mounted on a desk arm or a wall stand by simply removing the entire stand and affixing the screen to any standard VESA 100x100 mount.
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