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Eizo Foris FS2735 144 Hz Review

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The Eizo Foris FS2735 is an ambitious gaming monitor that aims to cater to present and future owners of AMD graphics cards. It's equipped with a 27" 1440p IPS panel with a refresh rate of 144 Hz and supports FreeSync, AMD's counterpart to Nvidia's G-Sync - a technology that's used to offer a perfectly smooth, tear-free picture for when you play your favorite games as long as you stay within the so-called FreeSync range. Unlike most other monitors, the Foris FS2735 actually offers two of those, 30-90 Hz and 56-144 Hz, to ensure great performance regardless of the quality of your PC setup. Considering it costs a full $1,500/€1,000, however, you probably won't even consider buying it unless you already own a computer that's going to be able to utilize that heavenly 144 Hz gaming goodness.

To justify the high price, Eizo stuffed the Foris FS2735 with a massive list of features, including some you won't find elsewhere, such as the ability to control its settings through a smartphone app after pairing the monitor and smartphone via Bluetooth. There's also a built-in blur reduction technology (dubbed "Blur Reduction"), an alternative to the ULMB technology available on monitors equipped with NVIDIA's G-Sync module. It works the same way as ULMB - by having the backlight act as a strobe in order to completely eliminate motion blur. However, while ULMB is inherent to G-Sync, FreeSync monitors don't necessarily offer Blur Reduction, so that's just one of the many extras Eizo offers with the Foris FS2735.

Perhaps even more importantly, Eizo claims that they took extra care to make the AHVA panel of the Foris FS2735 as accurate as humanly possible. They go out of their way to point out that it's manufactured at the same Japanese factory as their medical and professional graphics monitors and that each screen goes through extensive pre-release adjusting and automated and manual testing - in other words, your screen is not only tuned by a camera, but also looked at by a trained professional long before it ever reaches your table. All that being said, it will be interesting to find out if the Eizo Foris FS2735 has what it takes to make us forget about its scary price.

In case you missed my previous gaming monitor reviews, allow me to reiterate why you should be excited about this and similar models. Considering the performance capabilities of current-generation graphics cards, a 27" monitor with a resolution of 2560x1440 pixels with a 144 Hz (or faster) IPS panel that uses FreeSync or G-Sync to make the gameplay superbly smooth can be considered somewhat of an optimum. The resolution is high enough for the picture to look sharp and crisp, while a high-end graphics card, such as the AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 or NVIDIA GTX 1080/1080 Ti, will allow you to crank up the details to High or Ultra and still get 100+ FPS, which is essential to make complete use of the high refresh rate. If you are not sure how they correlate, I urge you to check out the introduction of my Predator XB271HU review where I went over everything that needs to be taken into consideration before purchasing a high refresh rate monitor. Should you do so? Indeed, you should! Going from a 60 Hz to a 144 Hz monitor is, in my opinion, the biggest, most dramatic upgrade to the overall gaming experience one can make. There's no going back to gaming at standard refresh rates once you get a taste of the buttery smoothness of your crosshair, as well as the action itself.

Let it also be said that the AHVA panels aren't to be confused with VA panels. AHVA (Advanced Hyper Viewing Angle) is simply what AU Optronics calls its IPS-type panels, where the pixels use in-plane switching (hence IPS) to display the picture. VA (Vertical Alignment) panels are based on a different technology altogether and come with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. In short, when you see "AHVA", simply think "IPS".


Eizo Foris FS2735
Screen Size27"
Native Resolution2560x1440 (16:9)
Panel TechnologyAHVA (In-Plane Switching), 8-bit
Refresh Rate144 Hz + AMD FreeSync (FreeSync range 56-144 Hz or 35-90 Hz)
Brightness350 nits
Contrast1,000:1 (static)
Viewing Angles178° (horizontal) / 178° (vertical)
Response Time4 ms (GtG)
AdjustabilityTilt (-5° to 35°), height (155 mm), pivot (90° in both directions)
Inputs1x DisplayPort 1.2a, 2x HDMI 1.4, 1x DVI, USB 3.0 upstream
USB ports2x USB 3.0
Supplied cables1x DisplayPort (2 meters), 1x USB 3.0 (upstream, 2 meters)
AudioBuilt-in 1 W stereo speakers, 3.5-mm input and output
ExtrasBlur Reduction, Auto EcoView ambient light sensor, Bluetooth
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