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EK-MLC Phoenix 360 Review

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As the EKWB MLC-Phoenix liquid cooler is a modular system, it comes in multiple boxes depending on your configuration. Since all I am testing today is the CPU-cooling aspect, you will see the exceptionally large radiator module box and the box for the CPU block.

Looking at the front of the radiator module box, you will notice some fancy graphics and a yellow phoenix. Otherwise, there is nothing to see here. The left side mentions that you should not mix aluminum and copper in a loop, and the back of the box details all individual modules, quick disconnect fittings, and breaks down EKWB's ideals behind the entire modular liquid-cooling lineup that is the Phoenix brand of products.

A 3-sided selection wheel on the right side details what is the box, which, based on its size, should be rather obvious for most. Looking at the top, it's more gray scale imagery, while the bottom details how much room the radiator requires and what is included in the box.

Starting off with the front of the CPU-cooling module, the EK logo and Phoenix branding is readily apparent, taking center stage. On the left side is another warning about not mixing copper and aluminum, as well as a paragraph which goes over the modular cooling design and its two-year warranty. Moving on to the back, we find the various modules detailed again, just as on the radiator's box.

The right side goes over what module is in the box, which, again, quite obviously is the CPU block. Meanwhile, the top and bottom are quite plain, with the bottom listing which CPU block is in the box.


Unlike the Predator units that came before it in plastic trays, the Phoenix kit comes encased in foam—a lot of foam, which definitely made me smile. Colorful packaging is nice and all, but knowing components are packed safely and securely is just a great way of instilling some peace of mind. Definitely glad to see the packaging upgrade EKWB implemented with these new kits.

Everything needed for just about every modern socket is present. Those wanting Threadripper support, however, will need to purchase a separate CPU-cooling module.

Common parts supplied for mounting include:
  • 12x Fan screws
  • 12x Short radiator screws
  • 5x Mounting arm screws
  • 5x Washers
  • 4x M4-threaded thumb screws
  • 4x LGA 2011-threaded mounting studs
  • 4x AM4-threaded mounting studs
  • 4x Springs
  • 4x M4-threaded thumb nuts
  • 3x EK Vardar 120 mm fans
  • 2x AMD mounting plates
  • 1x Universal backplate
  • 1x Rubber gasket
  • 1x 360 mm pre-filled Radiator module
  • 1x Pre-filled CPU block
  • 1x User manual
  • 1x SATA power cable
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