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EK Water Blocks EK Supreme Review

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I would like to thank Eddy at EK Water Blocks for supplying the review sample.

  • Universal water block for all socket CPUs
  • Base plate made of electrolytic copper lapped and polished to +/- 0.0007 mm flatness
  • Top made of quality Acrylic material
  • Cooling engine accelerates water through thin jet plate channels through 49 very thin channels
  • Copper base is very thin, which gives very short distance for temperature to transfer from CPU to water
  • Top has two holes prepared for two 3mm LED diodes
  • Intel Pentium 4, D, Celeron, Socket 775, Socket 478
  • Intel Xeon socket 603, 604, 771
  • AMD socket AM2, Athlon 64, Sempron, 754, 939, 940

About EK Water Blocks

From the EK Water Blocks website:
It all started in year 1999, when Edvard König bought his first computer. Soon he has realized that air cooling was not enough to cool his highly overclocked computer. So he tried to find appropriate substitute. He found out about water cooling and shortly after he had a great desire to make his own water block. He spent days, nights and weekends developing sketches of water blocks. His dreams came true while finishing studies in 2003, when he made his first prototypes of water blocks, called EK-1, EK-2 and EK-3. Designing criteria was and still is: quality and breathtaking design on the technological edge. Soon his mission joined his friend David, and together they made their first CPU simulator for testing the prototypes. Months and months were spent on development. After that, they made some more prototypes, but the first one that came out to production was EK-4 water block.

In the end of 2005, the EK Water Blocks Company realized that Slovenian market is too small and have decided to offer their products abroad. A new Executive, assigned for sales and development of the company joined the crew. In the beginning of 2006 the company has offered complete assortment of water blocks for water cooling. From the beginning the company’s most important role is to keep close contact with customers and listen to their needs and comments. To supply water cooling enthusiasts with products they want. The company’s main aim is to continuously develop extreme high performance and aesthetic water blocks. The company is planning to set distribution channels into EU countries. Although the company is getting a lot of inquiries, the policy of the company is to get resellers and distributors which can offer quality service to customers, which is the company’s primary value.
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