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Epomaker NT68 Regular Profile Keyboard Review

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Another day, another Epomaker Kickstarter! It's obvious that this is the route the company is going to follow for new launches, ensuring a market and successful launch. This time, it is for a 65% keyboard, but there are a few more tricks up the sleeve—or should I say case—for the all-new Epomaker NT68. As I write this, the Kickstarter campaign is already live, and the deliberately low set goal has been surpassed many times over. It's a marketing campaign just as much as anything else, and the usual crowdfunding caveats apply, too. That said, Epomaker does have plenty of successful history with these, which does help make this review more meaningful as we start by thanking the company for sending review samples to TechPowerUp!

The Epomaker NT68 comes in two form factors. The NT68 Regular, as the company itself refers to it, uses full-size mechanical switches from Gateron and the first-party branded Epomaker Chocolate switches we saw debut with the AK84S. This Regular version has two color schemes with the aluminium frame and keycap set, and the third version and second form factor is the low-profile NT68 using Gateron Low Profile switches. I have the NT68 Low Profile here as well, which is reviewed separately for those interested. It keeps things interesting too, since we have covered a few other Epomaker small form-factor keyboards before, and then there is the so-called magic/stealth case which further merits investigation. Given the multiple versions involved, I am skipping the specifications table, which has us move directly on to the unboxing experience on the next page.
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