Eurocom Sky X9E3 (GTX 1080 SLI) Review 25

Eurocom Sky X9E3 (GTX 1080 SLI) Review

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Packaging and Contents

Eurocom doesn't waste money or time on fancy boxes with pretty pictures. What you get is a standard-fare brown cardboard box. Protection is good, and the box as a whole does what it should, which is to keep the unit safe.

Upon opening the box, users will find the laptop wrapped in plastic, with soft foam offering protection to the unit itself. The AC adapter is sealed in a separate cardboard box towards the back. Again, no fancy packaging or PR materials or other such nonsense. All there is to see is what you purchased; a heavy-weight monstrosity of a notebook.

The bundle is just as bare, but that's to be expected. All you really need is the laptop and a charger after all, so what more is needed?
  • Sky X9E3 laptop
  • 780 watt AC power brick
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