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Everglide S-500 Headset Review

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First I would like to thank IndiWEB for supplying me with the Everglide Titan s-500 headset. IndiWEB is an official European distributor of all Everglide products among other things. The company's about page reads as follows:
"WE SUPPORT YOUR SKILL" - this slogan describes our goal. We offer specialized equipment for gamers and professional users to support their PC-skills at best. Many years of experience in this area enable us to focus on the high individual requirements of users. We have a wide range of specialized products in stock in order to fulfill these demands.
Everglide started producing some high quality hard mats, but in 2005 they came up with the Fibertek surface, which their Titan series mouse mat are based on. In 2006 Everglide ventured into the exciting scene of headsets, their contribution to the market was the s-500 Professional Gaming Headphones. These were quite different from anything I have ever seen due to the massive size and durable construction. Today I will be testing to see if this new addition to the Everglide product line is true to its name.


The headset comes in a standard cardboard box, on which all the specifications are listed.

Let's have a look at those specifications.

As you can see from the image the specifications of the Everglide s-500 headset are quite ordinary apart from the 3.1m long cord, and the weight.
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