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EVGA NU Audio Sound Card Unboxing & Preview

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The nature of trade shows such as CES is that manufacturers want to be noticed by the many media personnel covering the event, and have product announcements and launches to show off. Often, these are products that get released the day they are announced, if not slightly after, and review samples usually get shipped out prior under an NDA. In some situations, however, as with EVGA this time round, the whole announcement itself is a secret and so, it just happens that the TechPowerUp review sample of the EVGA NU audio card is still on its way to our very own Inle. We still wanted to have something up for today, however, when the card is made available for purchase, and thus, here we are with a detailed overview to tide you over in a new format we are trying out for such extenuating circumstances.

Thanks to EVGA for providing not one, but effectively two samples to TechPowerUp. We appreciate their understanding of the situation, and it has in turn lead to two separate articles on the NU Audio card. The scope of this preview is to go over the unboxing and overview sections of the review, as well as a closer look at the product disassembled. The full review will cover the driver, audio performance, and comparisons to similar products, as well as editor feedback on the product's pros and cons and a conclusion.


EVGA NU Audio Sound Card
Audio DSP:XMOS xCORE-200, Native DSD Support (up to x256)
Output Configuration:2 Channel (Analog), 5.1 Channel (Digital via S/PDIF)
Dynamic Range (DNR) / Signal-to-Noise (SNR):123dB (Stereo Playback), 121dB (Line-In Recording)
Playback Format:Up to 384kHz, 32-bit (Stereo), Up to 192kHz, 24-bit (Optical)
Recording Format:Up to 384kHz, 32-bit (Line-in), Up to 192kHz, 24-bit (Mic-in)
Headphone Amp:16-600ohm (Independent Analog Control)
Maximum Voltage:8 Vrms
Maximum Current:250 mA
RGB Lighting:10 - Mode w/ Audio Reactive Lighting
I/O:Stereo Out (RCA L/R), Headphone Out (6.3 mm), Line-In (3.5 mm), Mic-In (3.5 mm), Optical Out (TOSLINK Passthrough), Front Panel Header
Interface:PCIe x1 Gen2
Power Connector:1x SATA Power
Supported OS:Windows 10, 8.1, 7
Warranty:Three years
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