EVGA SuperNOVA G2 850 W Review 4

EVGA SuperNOVA G2 850 W Review


Value and Conclusion

  • The EVGA SuperNOVA G2 850 W retails for $149.99. EVGA's G2/P2 Blue Power Supply Cable (Individually Sleeved) kit retails for $89.99.
  • 10-year warranty (under certain terms)
  • Good price/performance ratio
  • Delivered full power at 48°C
  • Tight voltage regulation
  • Amazing ripple suppression
  • Efficient
  • Very good performance in Advanced Transient Response tests
  • Selectable semi-passive operation
  • Excellent build quality
  • ATX-bridging plug included in bundle
  • Compatible with the G2/P2 Power Supply Cable kit (Individually Sleeved) which features sleeving of excellent quality
  • 5VSB rail is not that efficient
  • Distance between peripheral connectors should be a little larger
Products like the G2-850 have established EVGA as a strong presence in the PSU market, an incredibly tough market with many strong players. All P2 and G2 EVGA PSUs I have tested so far performed amazingly well, and the G2-850 definitely carries EVGA's tradition of excellence onward. It is based on Super Flower's top-notch platform, so its voltage regulation is tight, which results in stable DC rails, and its excellent ripple suppression is cause for very clean voltage outputs. It also features a fully modular design, a feature most users look for nowadays, and packs a silent overall operation because of its quiet fan and optional semi-passive operation you can enable or disable via a switch conveniently located at the front. The G2-850 is even priced competitively. Combine that with its very long warranty to which certain terms apply, and it is definitely a worthy product. This unit's only downside is its 5VSB rail, although its performance wasn't enough to spoil the overall good impression it made. However, it would be nice to see Super Flower finally upgrade the 5VSB circuit nearly all of their implementations use, and soon.

I also had the opportunity to take a good look at EVGA's optional cabling kit for their G2/P2 units, so I have some thoughts to share on it as well. It is of very high quality and reminds of the slick cables EVGA provides with its umber-high-end SuperNOVA 1500 W unit. Without any heatshrinks used, which could spoil the picture, sleeving quality is spotless, and the provided colors, blue my favorite, look absolutely stunning. Most of you will probably find their price intimidating, but producing such cables is costly, which obviously affects their retail price. If you want quality, you have to pay for it, and since these cables are mostly cosmetic in nature, they address users who are crazy about the way their system looks, and I am sure such specific individuals know how hard it is to produce such cables. EVGA's price tag won't surprise them. Search the market and you will find that the competition sells similar cabling kits at close to those prices.

To conclude today's review, the G2-850 is a fantastic PSU EVGA sells at an honest price. Its reliability is great and EVGA provides it with a very long warranty, which, however, isn't transferable should you decide to resell your unit. The unit, in short, easily got a recommendation from me. EVGA has already established a very good name for itself when it comes to PSUs, despite the short period they have been a part of the PSU market, and I am eager to see their next move. EVGA seems to like extremes, so I would love to see a digital mid-capacity unit, or, why not, a complete digital line of EVGA-branded PSUs.
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