EVGA SuperNOVA NEX1500 Classified 1500 W Review 32

EVGA SuperNOVA NEX1500 Classified 1500 W Review

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We would like to thank EVGA for supplying the review sample.

EVGA is a company that avoids common designs since most of their products are uniquely designed in order to bring large smiles to the faces of enthusiast users all over the world. Unfortunately, everything unique or special comes with a high price. Most of EVGA's products are not for the budget oriented user and this applies to their new PSU offering, the SuperNOVA NEX1500 Classified, which is currently the most expensive desktop PSU available.

In the past, EVGA has shown an interest in the PSU market and released the SR-2 1200 W, a PSU that utilized the same platform as the Antec TPQ-1200OC with some changes that made it more useful to overclockers. This time around, EVGA decided to enter the high-end PSU segment with a new platform that has never been used in other desktop PSUs. They cooperated with ETASIS, a PSU manufacturer with vast experience, who, however, focuses on developing industrial PSUs, not desktop ones. Nevertheless, together with EVGA, a company that knows what an enthusiast user needs well, they built a powerful PSU utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Some of the most interesting characteristics of the NEX1500 include the 1500 W capacity, which increases to 1650 W with 230VAC power input, Gold efficiency, the ability to switch between single or multiple +12V rails, a fully modular design that uses individually sleeved cables of extra high quality, a huge number of PCIe connectors (16!), a SANYO DENKI ball-bearings fan, and the SuperNOVA software through which you can monitor all vital aspects of the PSU. SuperNOVA also gives you the option to change the fan profile and adjust the voltage of the +12V rail. As you can see, this PSU is indeed special and has many aces up its sleeve, but you unfortunately have to pay a great amount of money to acquire one.

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