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EVGA X20 Review

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Founded in 1999, EVGA is a US-based computer hardware company. The X20 is essentially the wireless version of the X17 (see here for our review). While losing the 8000 Hz possibility, it retains the two additional lift-off distance sensors for detailed LOD adjustment. The weight system present on the X17 has been omitted as well, as the X20 already sits at a high weight in the first place. Equipped with PixArt's PAW3335 capable of 16,000 CPI, the X20 comes with up to 60 hours of battery life in 2.4 GHz mode, and even more than that in Bluetooth. Omron switches for the main buttons along with a pre-tensioning system ensure highly responsive main button clicks. Lastly, the X20 has full RGB lighting, configurable within EVGA Unleash.


Size:122.71 mm x 70.27 mm x 44.52 mm
Size (inches):4.83" x 2.77" x 1.75"
Weight:125 g
Number of Buttons:10 (including wheel click)
Main Switches:Omron D2FC-F-K (60 M) (China)
Wheel Encoder:Mechanical
Sensor:PixArt PAW3335
Resolution:50–16,000 CPI
Polling Rate:125/250/500/1000 Hz
Cable:2 m, braided
Warranty:3 years
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