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From the Fractal Design website:
The Path to Reaching Our Goals:

To attain our goal of providing functional, efficient and sleek Scandinavian designed products for our customers, we apply extreme focus, research and passion each step of the way. Taking pride and extra care from the brainstorming phase through to the planning, design and production phase, we are dedicated to bringing you reliable and quality designs.

The Concept - Design:

The concept of Fractal Design is to provide products with an extraordinary level of design, without compromising the important factors of quality, functionality and pricing. Today's computer has evolved into playing a central role in most homes, creating a demand for appealing design of the computer itself and its accessories. Our main product areas are computer enclosures, power supplies and related accessories.

Designed and Engineered in Sweden:

All Fractal Design products have been carefully designed and tested in our Swedish headquarters. The well-known elements of Scandinavian design can be found throughout all of our product lines; a minimalistic, elegant and simple design, embracing the motto of 'less is more'.

It seems like only yesterday when Fractal Design burst onto the DIY scene with their original Define series of cases. Fast forward to today and they continue to offer compelling case design while having expanded into offering high quality fans, all-in-one liquid coolers, and even power supplies. As such, it's no surprise they continue to be quite popular.

Fractal Design has already stepped into the all-in-one liquid arena once before with the Kelvin series, but is looking to bring a better expandable liquid cooler to even more markets. Aggressive pricing and a boatload of features, it would certainly appear that they want to claim a bigger piece of the pie for themselves with the Celsius line of liquid CPU coolers.

In today's review, I cover the Fractal Design Celsius S24. As you may have guessed, it makes use of a 240 mm radiator. However, it does feature a unique twist in that it has an integrated fan hub that uses concealed wiring to connect to the pump. It also offers two modes for speed control; auto and PWM. Generally speaking, the Celsius S24 certainly has a few tricks up its sleeve. So without delaying things any further, let's take a closer look.

MODEL:Celsius S24
SOCKET SUPPORT:Intel: LGA1150, LGA1151, LGA1155, LGA1156, LGA1366, LGA2011-v3, LGA2066
AMD: AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, FM1, FM2, FM2+, AM4, TR4 with Threadripper bracket
CPU BLOCK:Base Material: Copper
Pump RPM: 1950-3150
Pump Maximum Pressure: 1 m H20 / 1.45 PSI
RADIATOR:Dimensions: 284 mm x 122 mm x 31 mm
Material: Aluminum
Fittings: G1/4"
FAN:Model: Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP-12 PWM
Dimensions: 120 mm x 120 mm x 25 mm
Fan Speed: 500 - 2000 RPM (PWM)
Fan Airflow: 87.6 CFM
Fan Noise: 32.2 dBA
FEATURES:Intelligent temperature-controlled auto or PWM modes for speed control
Integrated fan hub with concealed cable routing
Standard radiator G 1/4" thread for maximum compatibility
WARRANTY:Five years


Fractal Design uses a fairly large box for the Celsius S24. It measures in at roughly 40.7 cm long, 17.7 cm wide, and 14.5 cm tall. The front shows off the Celsius S24, along with its support for AMD's socket AM4 Ryzen CPUs and the warranty's length of 5 years. Moving to the left side, we find detailed measurements of the radiator, an image as a reference, as well as a list of supported CPU sockets. Spinning the box around, we are presented with a look at the pump, which uses sleeved tubing to hide the fan controller's cable. The pump also has a sound-dampening layer inside. A more detailed explanation of the automatic and PWM fan-control modes is also here. Auto has the system intelligently optimize the pump and fans for a balance between performance and noise, while PWM allows for precise control over a software of your choice, using the motherboard's PWM signal.

On the right side are just a bunch of bar codes and a serial number. Looking at the top, a quick summary of this AIO's key points in various languages can be found, while the bottom details said points again in English. Those details include the Dynamic X2 GP12 PWM fans that are included, the integrated fan hub, and the fact that this unit is expandable.


As per the usual when opening the box for an AIO, we are greeted by the stereotypical cardboard tray that protects the liquid cooler. However, that foam sheet that is usually included on top is not to be found here. I find it a bit odd and would prefer to see it here as every bit of extra protection is always a good thing.

Everything needed for just about every modern socket is present, including AM4 and TR4 via the bracket included with Threadripper CPUs. Out of box, the Celsius S24 is configured for Intel systems.

Common parts supplied for mounting include:
  • 8x M3 radiator screws
  • 8x M3 short radiator screws
  • 8x Washers
  • 4x Screw pillars
  • 4x Intel 2011 screw pillars
  • 4x Updated AMD screw pillars for AM4
  • 4x AMD screw pillars
  • 4x Phillips head nuts
  • 2x 120 mm fans
  • 2x Stick-on wire clips
  • 1x User's manual
  • 1x AMD mounting clip
  • 1x Intel mounting clip
  • 1x Intel backplate
  • 1x Pre-filled liquid cooler
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