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FSP Hydro PTM Pro 1200 W Review - A Silent Power Factory

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We would like to thank FSP for supplying the review sample.

FSP introduced a new high-end PSU a while ago, the Hydro PTM Pro with 1200 W maximum power output. There are two more members of the family with capacities of 1000 W and 850 W. According to FSP, this PSU uses a conformal coating that protects its internals from dust, stains, and humidity. All of these PSUs are also fully modular, and the side stickers are easily swapped out for others included in the bundle.

The semi-passive fan operation can be deactivated with a switch at the face of the PSU. FSP dubbed it the "Eco" switch since power consumption is lower with the fan deactivated. The truth of the matter is that the the overall efficiency gain is only noticeable at very low loads. The fan-stop feature can also decrease the lifespan of FDB fans as the friction in such fans is higher during start-up because the lubricant hasn't yet been pumped up the spiral groove and onto the whole bearing surface, which doesn't apply to double ball bearing fans. A PWM fan-control circuit would have been better as it makes for very low speeds which have the fan operate throughout at very low noise output.

A major upgrade with the Hydro PTM Pro 1200 W is its compliance with the IEC 62368 electrical safety standard.


FSP Hydro PTM Pro 1200W
Features & Specifications
Max. DC Output1200 W
Efficiency (230 V)80 PLUS Platinum, ETA-A- (87%–90%)
Noise (230 V)LAMBDA-A- (25–30 dBA)
ModularYes (fully)
Intel C6/C7 Power State SupportYes
Operating Temperature0–50 °C
ProtectionsOver Voltage Protection
Under Voltage Protection
Over Power Protection
Over Temperature Protection
Over Current Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Cooling135 mm fluid dynamic bearing fan (MGA13512XF-A25)
Semi-passive OperationYes (selectable)
Dimensions (W x H x D)150 x 85 x 190 mm
Weight2 kg (4.41 lb)
ComplianceATX12V v2.4, EPS 2.92
Warranty10 years
Price at Time of Review (excl. VAT)$269.99
FSP Hydro PTM Pro 1200W
Power Specifications
Rail3.3 V5 V12 V5 VSB-12 V
Max. Power20 A20 A100 A3 A0.3 A
120 W1200 W18.6 W
Total Max. Power1200 W
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